Sunday, February 20, 2011

my supermansss.. ♥

If Im gonna write a blog of where I stand, at this very moment.. the title of the blog would be life with supermansss (mind the 3 s at the end and if your thinking that im spelling it wrong then your right but but there's a reason why i spell it that way.. curious? Hahaha! :)

I always believe that Im lucky and more auspicious than lois lane (sounds so boastful noh? Hehe) I say that because if lois lane has a superman named clark kent well I have supermansss named papa bebot, papa lolo and nom de plume. See the difference? She has 1 hero while I have three.. hahaha.

Papa bebot is my super strict yet so caring father. When I say caring, I mean that he’s very in touch with his kiddos. From the clothes Im goin to buy and even the cosmetics I would love to use. And im telling you Its not because of the price and the likes but he cares in a sense that when I’ll use those it will look good to me. Isn't that sweet? ♥ yeey. One thing I cant forget about papa bebot is that when I have pimples (until now I have those bitches, hahaha!) he would insist and tells me that I should go to derma and all that. Even in his busy schedule he was able to accompany me to the doctor. How thoughtful he is. He is someone a million kids would die for. But what I love most about papa is that he is a 1 woman man, a quality that a woman is looking for in a man. Mama is so lucky for having papa. Hehe:)

Papa lolo is my grandfather. He is the coolest lolo in the world, I swear! Why I say so? Because he can ride with my jokes and I haven't seen him screaming like the usual lolo. Haha! Funny is that when I call him daddy, papi, honorable, ama, piolo and etc, he would just laugh at me. I wonder if he knows that piolo is the crush ng bayan. Hahah! According to him, Im his favorite apo. I love that. ♥ and when I asked him why? He answers me with a smile and saying “kagea sweet ka” haha. ♥♥♥ I so love you papa lolo. Your one of the best. :)

Non de plume. Sounds crazy? Haha! He is someone I admire, someone so perfect and Ive been chasing for so long. Joke. :)

Ahh. So happy for I have them. They may not be as handsome and strong as clark but whats important is that I know that when I'll be needing them, they wont fail me and that they will love my forever despite me weaknesses. :)

I love you my supermansss..:)


  1. cnu c Non de plume?? ate ah, may hnd ka sinasabi sa akin.. share na! cge na..

    anyone: kayo sumagot sa tanong ko ow.. huhu..:( kasi im sure hnd yan magsasabi.. plz hehe!

  2. Oo nga po, sino si Non de plume?! Chismoso lang, hehehe! Nice post, tnx for sharing! =)

  3. hi ate aleeh! cool naman talaga ni papa bebot at papa lolo parang kabarkada mo lang... cno kaya yung pangatlo? hehe di ko din alam e, nakiki-echos lang :)