Sunday, February 20, 2011

my supermansss.. ♥

If Im gonna write a blog of where I stand, at this very moment.. the title of the blog would be life with supermansss (mind the 3 s at the end and if your thinking that im spelling it wrong then your right but but there's a reason why i spell it that way.. curious? Hahaha! :)

I always believe that Im lucky and more auspicious than lois lane (sounds so boastful noh? Hehe) I say that because if lois lane has a superman named clark kent well I have supermansss named papa bebot, papa lolo and nom de plume. See the difference? She has 1 hero while I have three.. hahaha.

Papa bebot is my super strict yet so caring father. When I say caring, I mean that he’s very in touch with his kiddos. From the clothes Im goin to buy and even the cosmetics I would love to use. And im telling you Its not because of the price and the likes but he cares in a sense that when I’ll use those it will look good to me. Isn't that sweet? ♥ yeey. One thing I cant forget about papa bebot is that when I have pimples (until now I have those bitches, hahaha!) he would insist and tells me that I should go to derma and all that. Even in his busy schedule he was able to accompany me to the doctor. How thoughtful he is. He is someone a million kids would die for. But what I love most about papa is that he is a 1 woman man, a quality that a woman is looking for in a man. Mama is so lucky for having papa. Hehe:)

Papa lolo is my grandfather. He is the coolest lolo in the world, I swear! Why I say so? Because he can ride with my jokes and I haven't seen him screaming like the usual lolo. Haha! Funny is that when I call him daddy, papi, honorable, ama, piolo and etc, he would just laugh at me. I wonder if he knows that piolo is the crush ng bayan. Hahah! According to him, Im his favorite apo. I love that. ♥ and when I asked him why? He answers me with a smile and saying “kagea sweet ka” haha. ♥♥♥ I so love you papa lolo. Your one of the best. :)

Non de plume. Sounds crazy? Haha! He is someone I admire, someone so perfect and Ive been chasing for so long. Joke. :)

Ahh. So happy for I have them. They may not be as handsome and strong as clark but whats important is that I know that when I'll be needing them, they wont fail me and that they will love my forever despite me weaknesses. :)

I love you my supermansss..:)

Monday, February 7, 2011

My sweet start. ♥

Since I haven't found someone I can unload ALL my thoughts with, blogging will  now take place. This is it. :)

Lately Ive been so silent towards my feelings and now I realize that its not really healthy.. and that somehow I need to unload all the things I kept for my self for so long that even my girl friends which I consider my sisters and my mom I call best friend have no ideas about it. I kept it because primarily I'm afraid that they may not get my point and that it will only  lead to misunderstanding. Second was I know that they are busy with their things that I will only disturb them and lastly was I choose to keep my silence thinking that there are things  better left unsaid. Haha! But again and again I need to burst this out.. So here I am, making my blog account.

Blog? Its never new to me infact Ive always been a blogger way back my friendster days in where I had my blog account, write here and there. Sensible or not, name it I write it. Hehe. I was in my sweet sixteen then (haha!). Modesty aside,  theres one person who surprisingly noticed my blogs. She was Miss Aminah Goling from LA. According to  her she was amazed rather entertained to my blogs no to mention my baluktot English, haha. Forgive me English Grammar. Haha! Also according to her she finds my write up very cute and nice because I wasn't afraid of showing what I feel and that I was brave enough in sharing my emotions. From then and because of her I was inspired more to write even if i had nothing to write. Joke. My mom was also one of my drive to create blog account not because of the envious I felt upon seeing her oh so blue account but because according to her she feels more comfortable when she shares her feelings respectively. My not so important emotion before. Hehe. :)

So and so.. To formally start my sharing of emotions. Bear with me if I may write things that  will only irritates reader (as if I have readers, haha!)

 More write ups later. :)